Gastric ultrasound for perioperative prandial status
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Yeoh, J. C., & Mohd Fathil, S. (2023). Gastric ultrasound for perioperative prandial status. Malaysian Journal of Anaesthesiology, 2(2), 189–198.

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gastric ultrasound; perioperative ultrasound; point-of-care ultrasound; risk stratification; pulmonary aspiration


Gastric ultrasound is a valuable tool for real-time assessment of gastric content at the bedside, reducing the risk of pulmonary aspiration. A good understanding of the gastric sonoanatomy and techniques for image acquisition will allow the clinician to utilize ultrasound to assess gastric content and volume via qualitative and quantitative
assessment to risk stratify their patient prior to the surgery. We describe the core principles of gastric ultrasound and its practical implications on patient safety during the perioperative period.
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