PECS 1 block as analgesic adjuncts in breast augmentation surgery


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Beh, Z. Y., & Lee, K. S. (2023). PECS 1 block as analgesic adjuncts in breast augmentation surgery. Malaysian Journal of Anaesthesiology, 2(1), 98–105.

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mammaplasty; nerve blocks; pectoral nerve


The analgesic benefits of using pectoral nerve (PECS) block as regional analgesia in breast cancer surgery have been widely published. However, the use of PECS block in aesthetic breast surgery remains underreported. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Pain and discomfort are common after breast augmentation surgery. We report a case series using ultrasound-guided PECS 1 block as part of multimodal analgesia, which further enhanced the recovery experience in patients undergoing primary augmentation mammaplasty using silicone implants in a day-surgery setting.


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